Giving to further the gospel here, there and everywhere.

What’s Your Passion Gift?

Passion Gifts are all about spreading the gospel here, there
and everywhere (Acts 1:8)! Every dollar that is designated as a Passion Gift, above and beyond your regular giving, will go back outside the walls of our church, to reach people in our community, our country and our world through global missionaries, church planting, local outreach partners and the Highpoint Care Center.

The goal? To raise $200,000 throughout the month of December to fund these local and global outreach and international missions initiatives.

All Passion Gifts will go to support Highpoint Cares, Highpoint Global and Highpoint Send Network through the Highpoint General Fund, however gifts may be reallocated between one of these three areas depending on outreach and missions needs.

1. Care Center

Resourcing Highpoint Care Centers so those in our church and community can be cared for physically, spiritually and financially.

2. Local Outreach

Partnering with local outreach ministries like World Relief, A&M Partnership and CareNet, who provide hope and healing to refugees and single moms alike.

3. Church Planting

As the Highpoint Send Network is launched, church planting residents and partner churches from around the country partner together to plant more gospel-centered churches around the county.

4. Global Missions

Spreading the gospel throughout the entire world by sending and supporting Highpoint Global missionaries on six continents.

What’s Your Passion Gift?

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