In-Person HPK Program Policy/Procedures

The following is an overview of the newly instituted in-person policies and procedures applicable for in-person weekend programming through HighpointKids. The purpose of this document is to summarize new guidelines and policies put in place as a result of the directives from Federal, State and local governing authorities.

The Spiritual and physical safety of all children who are entrusted to us within Highpoint Church and Highpoint Kids remains our top priority. As families make decisions on whether to join us for worship at one of our physical locations or continue to participate in the “Highpoint at Home” experience, we want to inform and assure you of the extra precautions we have taken in response to the current health situation as outlined below:


  • Mandatory health and safety training for HPK staff, volunteers and leaders including:
    • Participation in the education on disease control measures and proper implementation
    • Completion of “Health Screening Form” prior to working with children in-person
  • Maintaining healthy environments (e.g., routine cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces).
  • Wearing of a facial mask
  • Checking temperature upon arrival
  • Requiring regular hand washing or using of alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Communicating, educating, and reinforcing appropriate hygiene and social distancing practices in ways that are developmentally appropriate for children, volunteers, and staff


  • Every child ages 3 years and older will wear a mask
  • Reducing the number of adults serving alongside children
  • Capacity limit for each classroom, depending on age, specific location, classroom size
  • Providing physical guides, visual signage, resources and an environment that promotes personal hygiene
  • Encouraging social distancing amongst children in age-appropriate classrooms

Please know as we closely monitor the ever-evolving pandemic situation, policies and procedures may be revised to adequately reflect community transmission issues and any new CDC guidelines.

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