Jesus commissioned the Church to make disciples, but what does that look like in today’s day and age? Explore what it means to Believe in, Belong to, and Become like Jesus as we unpack what a true disciple looks like at Highpoint Church.

9.3.17 | Part 5

The 4th “B”

Igor Bogun

8.27.17 | Part 4

How Do I Implement the 3B’s?

Ron Zappia

8.20.17 | Part 3

How Do I Share the 3B’s?

Ron Zappia

John 9:1-41

8.13.17 | Part 2

Why are the 3B’s so Important?

Ron Zappia

8.6.17 | Part 1

What Are the Three B’s?

Ron Zappia

Elevate your faith.