Calling and purpose in life are things with which we have all wrestled. Join us for The Call as we look the stories of several people in the Old Testament and how God called each of them to step out and step in to something meaningful and purposeful with their life. As we’ll discover, just like the Old Testament characters, God has a purpose and calling on each of our lives as well!

7.21.18 | Part 6

Ed Stetzer Jonah Sermon

Returning to The Call

Ed Stetzer

7.8.18 | Part 5

Preparing For The Call

Ron Zappia

7.1.18 | Part 4

Responding to The Call

Scott Phelps

6.24.18 | Part 3

Avoiding The Call

Ronn Smith

6.17.18 | Part 2

Embracing The Call

Ron Zappia

6.10.18 | Part 1

Defining the call

Defining The Call

Ron Zappia

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