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Celebrating Christmas as a Group

November 21, 2023

Some groups have completed a fall study, but there is a great value in continuing to build community in this season.
As we enter the Christmas season, December is an ideal month to change mix up how we gather as Growth Groups. Some groups have completed a fall study, but there is a great value in continuing to build community in this season. Here are 6 ways to Celebrate Christmas as a Growth Group.

1. Attend the Women’s Christmas Brunch | Saturday, December 9

Celebrate the season with women of all ages for brunch. The morning features breakfast, worship, teaching from the Word, and fellowship. Sign up here.

2. Participate in the Christmas Decor Party | Wednesday, November 29

Help decorate Highpoint lobbies and spaces for the Christmas season. Supplies and treats are provided.

3. Serve at A Care Center Christmas | Saturday, December 16

We are giving over 3,000 toys to over a 1,000 families in our community. Serve our guests as a host, a personal shopper, gift wrapping, stocking, set up, clean up, and more. Sign up here.

4. Grab Peppermint Mochas Together Or go out for dessert. Or breakfast.

Of course, the focus isn’t on the beverage or food, but spending time building community together. To keep it simple, gather at your normal time but in a different setting. If you are a Women’s Group or Men’s Groups, consider inviting the spouses.

5. Do a Cookie Exchange

Most people love Christmas cookies! Make cookies together or encourage group members to bring a plate a cookies to give to someone else in exchange for their cookies. Or everyone buys a small gift for a group gift exchange. Again, the focus is creating community as a group.

6. Take a Christmas Break

Schedules get busy during the holiday season. If your group takes time off for the holidays, be intentional to keep in weekly contact through text or email for prayer and personal updates. Community isn’t found. Community is built. It’s built during Growth Group time, but it’s also built through social times and serving together. The serving ideas are great ways to not only serve as an individual, but to use your influence to serve as a group. Of course, you can’t do all of these suggestions, but perhaps you can do one or more.

We look forward to hearing how you will gather this month!