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Grow relationally and spiritually in a Growth Group by meeting new friends, discussing God’s Word, and caring for each other.

Growth Groups

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We have a Growth Group for everyone! Our groups meet mornings and evenings, weekdays and weekends, at each location, in homes, and other places in the community. Check out all the types of Growth Groups.

Tightening the Knot GROUP

Every marriage needs to be enriched, some need to be restored. Whether you are engaged, newly married, or have been married for decades, join Pastor Ron and Jody for this 6-week group based on their popular marriage book.

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Growth Group FAQ

How important are Growth Groups at Highpoint?

Growth Groups are a high priority at Highpoint. In fact, Growth Groups are our primary place for discipleship and care at Highpoint.

What types of Growth Groups are available?

We offer all types of Growth Groups, including for all life phases. We offer women’s groups, men’s groups, married groups, and mixed groups. We offer young adult groups, young married groups, young family groups, and a parenting teens group. And we offer Hope Group.

When and where do Growth Groups meet?

Our Growth Groups meet mornings and evenings, weekdays and weekends, at the Highpoint location and in homes and other places in the community.

We have lots of groups to meet the needs of all people, including those with a busy schedule.

Do Growth Groups offer childcare?

Some Growth Groups meeting onsite at a Highpoint location offer childcare – including some women’s groups, young family groups, and the parenting teens group (for younger siblings).

How often do Growth Groups meet?

Most Growth Groups meet weekly for 1 ½ to 2 hours. Some groups meet year-round. Other groups follow the semester calendar – September-November and January-May.

What happens in a Growth Group?

We study the Bible, but we are more than a Bible study. We desire to share life with each other – our joys and our challenges. We read and discuss the Word to apply it to our lives. We care for each other and pray for one another in the group time and throughout the week.

Some groups follow the weekly Growth Guide connected to the weekend message. Other groups read a book or a book of the Bible. Some groups watch a video and discuss the lesson.

We encourage Growth Groups to have a healthy balance of a Bible study and a topical study, a video series and non-video series.

Who leads a Growth Group?

Each Growth Group has a designated leader. Each leader is approved and trained by Highpoint. In addition to ongoing training, we offer leadership courses including Lead Others and Care + Counsel. If you are interested in becoming a Growth Group leader, get involved in a Growth Group first. Then, talk with your group leader and Location Pastor.

How long am I committed to a Growth Group?

We ask for people to commit to a Growth Group for at least a semester. Because groups are built on relationships, we ask people to be consistent to best benefit from all the group has to offer. Inconsistent engagement is not helpful for the person nor the group.

After a semester, most people continue with the same group. Once a group grows, it multiplies into multiple groups.

If after a semester you want to try another group, you are welcome to do so.

Can I join a Growth Group any time?

Yes. All our groups have an “empty chair” mentality. All groups are open to new people and are welcoming and friendly.

Although people can join a group at any time, people are encouraged to join a group in September and January.

Looking for a first group at Highpoint?

Make Growth Track your first group. Growth Track is a great place to start at Highpoint – it’s a short-term commitment, you’ll meet others, and you can learn more about all the Growth Groups that Highpoint has to offer.

That we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.
Romans 1:12

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