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Hope Group

What Is hope group?

Experience hope in suffering or struggling

We all suffer in many ways. Our struggles may be different, but our struggle is the same.

If you are in a season of suffering or struggling, you are not alone. And you do not need to suffer and struggle alone. Experience hope from God’s Word while in a safe, shame-free, and supportive community.

Hope Group involves a real-life hope story, transformative teaching from God’s Word, and meaningful discussion in small groups.

Hope GRoup Schedule

Take the first step towards healing.

Each week we throw out the welcome mat that says, “Come as You are.” We hope to see you for the fall series or spring series or both series.

Fall Series
  • There is Always Hope
  • Hope to Change
  • Hope in the Gospel
  • Hope in Suffering
  • Hope in Struggling
  • Hope in Shame
  • Hope when Tempted
  • Hope when Wrong
  • Hope when Wronged
  • Hope when Waiting
  • Celebration Night
Spring Series
  • Hope at Rock Bottom
  • Hope for a New You
  • Hope as a New You
  • Hope for a Renewed Mind
  • Hope to Guard Your Heart
  • Freedom from Foolishness
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Freedom from Despair
  • Freedom from Anger
  • Freedom through Forgiveness
  • Hope in the Battle
  • Hope for Helping Others
  • Hope through Accountability
  • Celebration Night


Who is Hope Group for?

Anyone. Literally.

We all suffer in many ways. Our struggles may be different, but our struggle is the same.

All of the Hope Group topics are relevant to everyday life – either directly for ourselves or to serve others.

Is Hope Group a recovery group?

No. We help people in recovery, but we are not a recovery group.

We are a disciple-based support group. We support anyone who is suffering or struggling. And we all suffer in many ways. Our struggles may be different, but our struggle is the same.

In most support groups, people are labeled by their struggle – i.e. “Hi, I am Bob and I am an alcoholic.” But not at Hope Group. Our identity is not in our struggle but in who we are in Jesus.

What happens at Hope Group?

People are loved. Lives are changed. Every week.

First, we lay out the welcome mat – “Come as you are.” Literally.

We gather in small groups within the larger group of Hope Group.

Each Hope Group starts with “check in” where groups meet to check in with each other – sharing a high and low from the week, a victory or a struggle, an update on a prayer request, or an application of the previous lesson.

Next we hear a real-life “hope story” – the story of someone who is experiencing hope in their suffering or struggling.

Then we open God’s Word believing God’s Word is true and transformative and that God has a word for each person individually, not just generally or collectively. The power of Hope Group is the Word of God – not personal opinion or human advice. We dig deeply into God’s Word because God’s Word addresses real issues in life.

We end Hope Group back in our small groups for personal reflection and group discussion.

Each week people are experiencing healing from past hurts, freedom from destructive behaviors, restored relationships, peace in hardships, and more.

What topics are addressed at Hope Group?

We have honest conversations about real-life issues. Here are some of the topics we cover: conflict, suffering, temptation, anger, fear, addiction, despair, forgiveness, the Gospel, identity in Christ, abiding in Christ, spiritual battles, accountability, and more.

Where and When is Hope Group?

Hope Group is offered at five locations on three nights of the week — Tuesdays in Monmouth; Wednesdays in Naperville, Wheaton, and Romeoville; and Thursdays in North Aurora.

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Session 1: There is Always Hope

Session 2: Hope to Change

Session 3: Hope in the Gospel

Session 4: Hope When Suffering

Session 5: Hope When Struggling

Session 6: Hope in Shame

Session 7: Hope in Temptation

Session 8: Hope When Wrong

Session 9: Hope When Wronged

Session 10: Hope in Waiting

Bonus Session: Hope From the Spirit

Bonus Session: Hope in Abiding

Bonus Session: Hope in Waiting

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
Romans 15:13