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Developing a Care Plan

April 9, 2024

Have you ever felt out of your depth as a growth group leader? Your heart is for your group members; you long to come alongside each of them as they grow in their faith. But sometimes, the need is beyond what you can meet in a growth group setting. What resources are available to help you care for those in your group? 

Or maybe you lead a Hope group and have been an eyewitness to God’s restorative work. But one of your group members has material needs beyond what you can meet in a Hope group setting. What resources do you have at your disposal to help care for those in your group? 

Or maybe you serve at the Care Center and have seen firsthand God do the impossible and move in miraculous ways. But one person you’ve served is ready to grow in community and their relationship with God. What resources can you provide to encourage them in their walk with the Lord? 

Three ministries at Highpoint- growth groups, Hope groups, and the Care Center- all exist to help people believe in, belong to, and become like Jesus. Though our ministries are geared to serve people in different stages of faith, our mission is the same. 

Click below, to listen to this conversation between some of the Highpoint staff, to learn how we can best serve the Highpoint community when these three ministries work in tandem.